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how to embed video in wordpress

4 Simple Steps to Embed a Video in a WordPress Blog Post

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WordPress makes it extremely easy to embed video clips from video clip-organizing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as many others.

In this novice’s guide, we will certainly reveal to you how to conveniently install video clips in WordPress articles, web pages, and also sidebar widgets.

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Why Embed Videos in Your WordPress Blog Posts?

Adding videos to your WordPress blog site is a great method to record your visitor’s attention and boost engagement and conversions.

Videos help to boost the moment your users invest in your website, and some site visitors may also prefer to watch a video clip than read written text.

Should You Upload Videos Directly to WordPress?

Well, you can, yet we do not advise you to do so.

Most little blogs make use of shared WordPress organizing accounts, and videos can occupy a lot of web server sources. If your video gets a lot of traffic, after that your internet site is more probable to crash.

You are missing out on traffic from YouTube customers as well as other video clip-organizing websites.

YouTube is not only the largest video hosting website, but it is also the globe’s 2nd most preferred search engine and the second most prominent social network right after Facebook.

If you don’t want to post your video clips to YouTube, then you can make use of other systems like Vimeo, Jetpack Video, Wistia, and also a lot more.

That being claimed, let’s show you how you can embed video clips in WordPress blog posts, step by step.

  • Embedding videos in WordPress articles utilizing the block editor.
  • Embedding videos in WordPress blog posts make use of the old timeless editor.
  • Embedding videos in WordPress sidebar widgets.
  • Utilizing WordPress video-installed plugins to embed videos

Step 1. Embedding Videos in WordPress Blog Posts as well as Pages Using Block Editor.

WordPress comes with a fantastic attribute called auto-embeds which enables your website to immediately obtain the embed code from popular video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

All you require to do is paste the video clip URL right into the WordPress editor.

You can duplicate the YouTube URL for a video that you want to embed.

Next off, edit the WordPress message or page where you intend to include the video, as well as merely paste the URL in the material area.

As soon as you paste the video clip URL, WordPress will fetch the embed code as well as display the YouTube video clip inside the material editor.

You can currently conserve your blog post by clicking the ‘Update’ or ‘Publish’ switch to see the ingrained video in your live article.

Wasn’t that very easy?

After you have actually included the video clip, you can transform its setups by clicking on the video in the editor and also making changes from the popup toolbar.

You can change the video clip size, alter the positioning, and extra. You can likewise add a caption as well as maintain the video’s aspect ratio on devices.

embed video block

WordPress can just do auto-embeds for white-listed video clip services. For various other websites, you will certainly still have to acquire the installed code and afterward paste it into your article.

Right here is a list of white-listed video solutions for automobile embeds in WordPress:.

Speaker Deck.

You will require the complete HTML embed code for the video clip if you desire to add a video clip from a site outside this list.

HTML code

Just replicate the HTML code supplied by the video clip website and paste it inside the ‘HTML’ block in the editor.

Step 2. Installing Video Clips in WordPress Using the Old Standard Editor.

If you are still using the old WordPress traditional editor, then you can install the video clips similarly.

Simply duplicate the link from a video clip organizing service like YouTube, and paste it into the editor. If you are using the aesthetic editor, then you will certainly see a preview of the video.

insert video to post in classic editor

You will not be able to use the width adjustment and other options that you can use in the new WordPress block editor.

Make certain you click the ‘Update’ or ‘Release’ button to make your modifications live.

Step 3. Exactly How to Embed Videos in WordPress Sidebar Widgets

Similar to a WordPress post or web page, you can additionally install video clips in WordPress sidebar widgets.

Merely most likely to Appearance” Widgets in your WordPress admin location and then click the ‘Plus’ include block symbol. Look at” Widgets in your WordPress admin area and then click the ‘Plus’ add block icon.

After that, search for ‘Video’ in the search bar.

After that, you can click on the block for the sort of video clip you wish to include. For instance, YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and also extra.


choose widgets


choose video block and youtube




Next, you require to paste your video clip link into the package and click the ‘Em bed’ switch, and also it will instantly be contributed to the widget location.

Then, all you have to do is click the ‘Update’ button, and also the video widget will now be live on your website.

Now, you can visit your website to see the video clip live. The dimension of the video will instantly scale based on the size of your widget area.

Step 4. Making Use Of WordPress Video Clip Embed Plugins to Install Video Clips.

By default, you don’t need to utilize a plugin to install videos in WordPress. The adhering to are a couple of plugins that you might intend to try.


1. Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro.

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Pro is just one of the very best YouTube video clip gallery plugins for WordPress in the market.

It allows you to automatically install all of your YouTube channel video clips in an adjustable gallery style. It automatically imports brand-new video clips, combines feeds, can include online streaming, installed a YouTube playlist, and also more.

Plus, it includes sorts, reactions, shares, and comments, which can help to boost your social evidence.

There’s likewise a totally free version of the YouTube feed plugin readily available you can use to merely add your YouTube network feed to WordPress.

You can also utilize the Smash Balloon YouTube feed plugin with the Social Wall plugin that incorporates every one of your social media web content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as YouTube on a solitary web page.

2. Lazy Load for Videos.

lazy load for videos

Lazy load for Videos clips fixes the trouble of filling video clip-installed manuscripts from outside websites, which has an influence on website web page tons rate and also performance.

Rather, it just loads the embed code when the user clicks the play button.

Incidentally, you will not need this plugin if you make use of the Smash Balloon YouTube Feed plugin because it has built-in caching as well as postponed packing for the video clip player.

I hope this short article assisted you to learn how to easily install videos in WordPress blog posts. 

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